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The going home party bag!

The season of school parties has begun. We attended our first one of the year today and another one in the diary for next Saturday. But with these parties comes the quandary of who to invite. The whole class? Just the boys/girls? Just a select few? What about friends accumulated outside of school and friends’ kids and family?? To cake or not to cake (with the school friends with allergies in abundance!) and then there are the party bags. You’ve paid for the venue, the drinks, the eats and then there’s the extra little hurdle of having to send everyone home with a party bag. Who thought that one up?? As if paying for an afternoon of child care, food and drink wasn’t enough!! And by the time you’ve bought the bag and added however many little things you’re probably close to a tenner a head. I had a wonderful surprise when a friend asked me for 30 copies of Raff is Lost for her son’s birthday party as a going home present. What an original idea. Then I remembered my Treasure Island book. I only remember one going home present as a child. It was a hard back, beautifully illustrated children’s edition of Treasure Island. I loved that book. I was having coffee with the friend’s Mum who bought it only a few months ago and mentioned it to her. She just loved books and felt it a better gift than sweets and balloons. How right she was. I hope those kids remember Raff is Lost when they’re pushing... um... miles from 40. However if anyone is looking for a going home present and thought Raff is Lost to be the perfect present I will happily inscribe them for you. 5% discount for any order over 20 books. And you’re not sending anyone’s already sugar filled child home with more sugar!! #lovekidsbirthdayparties #lovethesugarcrash

Oliver reading a digger book with a glass of milk in his hand

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