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And so to launch...

Cover of Raff is Lost

And so to launch indeed... and so it will tomorrow; two years and two months after it was first conceived and indeed since the first draft was written.

I will reassure you all now, it looks amazing. Helen has outdone herself, her beautiful drawings leap off the page and you can't help but be drawn in as the story progresses. Or maybe that's just me. This book is such a project of the heart. Oliver died just 6 weeks after his 4th birthday and his book arrived on his little sister's 4th birthday. An emotional day anyway and doubly so that this book of heart and courage made it's way on the same day.

A massive thank you to the near 180 orders that have been placed, by this time next week that many and more girls and boys will have read this story. I hope they love it. I hope they enjoy finding the little car on each page. I hope they want to read it again and again, and that way, in some way, Oliver's love of imagination and his mischievousness will live on.

Please do share the joy. If you enjoyed the book, I'd love to hear about it. Feel free to leave word on the Facebook page @RaffisLost.


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