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Brilliant bedtime book for 2-5 yr olds... 

Whether your child loves dragons; suspense; finding things on pages; has a favourite toy; loves gorgeous illustrations or has a big smile at a happy ending, Raff is Lost will not disappoint.

Oliver's bath is being run and he's about to get ready for bed only he can't find his favourite toy, Raff.  Join Oliver on his journey as he recounts the fun and adventure of the day to find his missing friend. A beautifully illustrated book for 2-5 year olds. Every parent is familiar with the bed-time search for a favourite toy and the reassuring ending will not disappoint.

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Author & Illustrator

Raff is Lost is written by Jenny Scullion and illustrated by Helen Turner.

The story is one that every parent can relate to come bedtime and the illustrations and mischievousness of little Oliver are sure to capture your child's imagination.

Look out for the little red car on every page for a little added fun!

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